Stiga Supreme vs Stiga Pro Carbon – Performance Comparison

stiga supreme vs stiga pro carbon

When we talk about STIGA, the STIGA Evolution isn’t the only racket that is worth mentioning. Stiga Pro Carbon vs Stiga Supreme is the most talked about rackets.

The Stiga Pro Carbon and Stiga Supreme are the high-quality rackets with unique qualities. Both rackets have different physical attributes and performance which is for a completely different style of play. So, it won’t be easy to make a comparison among both.

The Stiga Supreme is meant for the player who has good control and best for the one who is a defensive table tennis style of play.  On the other hand, the Stiga Pro Carbon is meant for the one who wants to uphold control in their game with professional competition play.

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The Blade

The Stiga Pro Carbon is 6 ply lightweight wood with rubber featured on the racket is 2.0 MM sponge which helps to produce good resulting spin as compared to pro carbon resulting in more spins. Its weight is really minimal and easy to hold in hand for long.

It also protects players hand to be fatigue after long hours of play. On a featured note, The Stiga Pro Carbon doesn’t have an extra added feature to the blade. It’s sturdy enough to accommodate with the rubber padding and the handle.

If we talk about, the Stiga supreme is good shake hand style beginner. This racket is specially designed to give ease and comfort to the player’s hand.

It has a 2mm sponge with 6 ply blade with an additional feature of SDT (shock dispersion tube) technology has a high tech composite rod that is integrated into the handle and blade.

In short, both have paddles which are lightweight and can be good to play for long without having fatigue to the body of the player. The tube technology of the Stiga Pro Carbon makes it stand additionally more offensive than the Stiga supreme.

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The Control

The Stiga Pro Carbon is like adding in the family of the racket. It really gives a soothing hold to the player and can help to do a better job with sanding down the edges.

It has been introduced as the new SDT (Shock dispersion Tube) technology for increased control.  The Stiga Pro Carbon is an excellent choice for the players who are keen to buy and play with high-quality rackets only.

The main feature of SDT technology has high tech composite rod that is integrated into the handle and blade. In SDT, the energy and vibration created from contact with the ball to be transferred through a tube and came out of handle through sound energy.

This sound energy will improve control & feel. Also, it has the feature of IITF rubber for tournament play. Above all, the performance rating speed is commendable.

The Stiga Supreme is the third faster racket in the racket family of stiga having all the best qualities of the Stiga pro carbon & Stiga Supreme. The Stiga Supreme comes up with the crystal technology which hardens the surface of the blade and results in the increasing speed and stupendous control.

The Stiga Supreme has qualities that will be helpful to improve a player. Like humans, control plays a vital role in table tennis players too. The Stiga Supreme racket is extremely lightweight as well as having good control.


No one is similar in this world. Just like that, in the family of rackets, all are not the same. Both have different attributes and specifications. Both are approved to play professionally in competitions and win.

The necessary feature for rackets is speed, power, and control. Now though the STIGA Evolution might have those, these two rackets stand out in their own way. It’s right to say that few of points are same but somehow varies from each other.

The Stiga Pro Carbon & the Stiga Supreme is designed with high-quality material and best for one who is looking up to the game. Every single aspect of racket makes it unique and good to use in another way.

The Stiga Supreme is designed for the one who is a defensive player. The sponge provides great control to the racket. This is genuinely good for one who is a beginner table tennis player. Its elasticity increases speed and control.

But Stiga Pro Carbon and the Stiga Supreme aren’t the only two bats out there. From Stiga itself is yet another bat that poses as a worthy opponent, and that is the Stiga Evolution.

And true to its name, the Stiga Evolution has a few features that are advanced when compared to these two other bats.

STIGA Evolution

Many players tend to feel more comfortable when they are counter-attacking or when they are on the defensive front. Players like those can opt for the STIGA Evolution racket. When on defense, precision is key.

The Crystal Technology that is featured in the Evolution helps in just that. This technology helps in ensuring that the game is under control and that every shot is with maximum intensity.

The STIGA Evolution paddles are equipped with a nano-composite technology that is shock resistant. This makes the paddle sensitive to touch and so every stroke and every move can be felt to the fullest.

The blade is made out of 6 piles of light wood, and a 2mm sponge sits on top of them. The nano-composite technology uses countless microscopic air bubbles that are bind together to enable good speed and decent spin. Excellent control is also achieved with this bat due to this technology.

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The STIGA Evolution features a  common flared handle. But do not let this outward simplicity fool you. The handle uses a technology called Shock Dispersion Tube. It basically means that the handle is hollowed out.

This, in turn, makes the handle ultralight, which in turn allows players to absorb the various vibrations and to dissipate the shockwaves that are created by hitting the ball. This, in turn, allows for improved control and feel during the game. The hollow handle also allows for longer play time without any pain or fatigue.

The rubber used in the STIGA Evolution is composed of a crystal technology that helps in intense and aggressive play. Being that the rubber is thin and sleek, the force is accelerated by the design and hard-hit shots are just a breeze.

Since the surface of the blade is hardened, force is accelerated with every shot. Also because of the tighter bonds in the rubber, speed and spin are increased too. So, how does the STIGA Evolution stack up against both of these two rackets? The STIGA Evolution is a racket that is more for players that have crossed the beginning stage, and are onto more of professional games and championships.

User’s Verdict

The Stiga Pro Carbon table game racket is a wonderful shake-handle vogue racket and is a wonderful alternative for any table game player inquisitive about buying a high-quality racket.

It’s got ITTF approved rubber for tournament play, thus those inquisitive about competitory in official tournaments will submit their application with this racket, as such a big amount of having. The racket has conjointly got shocked dispersion technology (SDT) for inflated management.

The Stiga Supreme is certainly a discovery compared to the Stiga Pro Carbon however we tend to still notice it lacks in performance. This rubber quite unsatisfying compared to the Premium grade rubbers of costlier STIGA rackets.

However, what are you able to expect once shopping for a non-premium? the burden, sponge and rubber combination are ideal for chopping, backspin, and repair come further as having smart management.

When compared to the STIGA Evoltuion, this makes it a good selection for a defensive-minded player. You can expect to possess to alter the rubbers on the Stiga Supreme pretty quickly if you wish to continue rising your game. That racket itself is tight, however, the rubbers are sub-par.

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Denouement with the Facts

In end up the line, we can’t end up with good or bad features among the Stiga Pro Carbon and the Stiga supreme. Both are good in their own way. As both, are good to professional play with tremendous spin speed & control.

In long hour play, fatigue is the one who can end up the game easily. But, with the extraordinary features of Stiga Pro Carbon & the Stiga supreme fatigue won’t distract the mind of player at all. The players can have a comfortable play with sure success.

Stiga Supreme Pros & Cons


  • Light Weighted
  • Good in Control
  • Best for Beginner Paddle
  • Comfortable Design


  • Not good for offensive players
  • Poor Power
  • Warranty Issue

It will be good to make a choice with the Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle if you’re trying to find smart, high-quality racket and you conjointly want to up your game.

This racket is intended for people who need higher management in their game and need to use this racket in a very skilled competition setting.

The Stiga Supreme Tennis Racket is intended for a defensive player in mind. The 2-mm sponge provides nice defensive counters with sturdy loops and nice management. The paddle wasn’t designed for the associate offensive player.

If you’ve got associate offensive enjoying vogue centered on smashes and spin, this paddle is maybe not for you. For the worth, it’s giant for associate intermediate or beginner player. You might want to try out the STIGA Evolution in this regard.

However, if you’re a heavy intermediate or professional ping fetor player, you must not purchase this paddle, and instead, search for the next quality paddle with an improved sponge.

Stiga Pro Carbon Pros & Cons


  • Good for Defensive Player
  • High Rated Spin Level
  • Quality is Unbeatable
  • Most Powerful racket
  • Price is affordable to buy


  • Not the right choice for expert players
  • Too light for professional players

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