Stiga Supreme vs Stiga Evolution – Performance Comparison

Both Stiga Supreme and Stiga Evolution are great rackets from the Swedish company-Stiga. The Company is known for its high-quality rackets and both Stiga Supreme and Stiga Evolution proves it right. Both Stiga Supreme and Stiga Evolution are certified by the ITTF and thus can be used in professional competitions as well.

These rackets are similar yet different in many ways and work differently on its players, therefore, choosing the right one can be quiet tricky. Which is why we are here. A comparison between the two can get you better insights on which rackets best suits you. So read on!

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Stiga Supreme

In terms of speed, The Stiga Supreme is third in line next to Stiga Evolution and Stiga Pro Carbon.Stiga Supreme is designed for maximum control and dexterity. Stiga Supremes is made using the companies ‘Stiga Tube technology in which the middle ply is built-n with micro-channels.

These micro-channels, depending on the desired characteristics of the bat, can be filled with different materials.

In normal blades, these channels are filled with normal lacquer, whereas in Stiga Supreme Stiga developed Crystal Technology that fills these micro-channels with hydrophilic gel lacquer is used.

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Stiga Evolution

Thanks to the six piles of wood, the Stiga Evolution is one sturdy racket. It is also designed in such a way that the net weight is kept minimal to protect the players from fatigue due to long hours of play.

In simple words, no more special features are associated with the blade of Stiga Evolution except that is sturdy enough to accommodate other technologies used in the paddle.

Beautifully constructed, the racket features professional grade lightweight rubber that makes the paddle seem like a feather.

The Rubber

Both the Stiga Supreme and the Stiga Evolution use ITTF approved rubbers and the composition in both the rackets are quite similar. The rubber in both Stiga Supreme and Stiga Evolution is 2mm thick and is glued on the 6-ply blade which uses tube technology.

Both the rackets are equipped with countless microscopic air bubbles that provides great speed and spin while providing excellent control at the same time. Both the rackets are quite opposite to the paddle found in Stiga Pro Carbon. The Blade in Stiga Pro Carbon is composed of ACS technology.

This helps the Stiga Pro Carbon is delivering better strokes and good spin plays. Since the blade is made from lightweight wood it makes it beneficial for long duration matches.

Also, the two-layered carbon under the rubber in Stiga Pro carbon helps in improving the rigidity and response.

On the other hand, the blade in Stiga Evolution and Stiga Supreme is made with nano-composite technology, thus making it shock-resistant. The sensitive paddle in Stiga Evolution and Stiga Supreme also makes it responsive to every touch and stroke.

The 2mm sponge and 6-piles are what the blade is consisted of. It also uses countless nano-channels that are bound together to give great speed and not that bad a spin.

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The Handle

The handle in Stiga Supreme and Stiga Evolution is quite different from that compared to Stiga Pro Carbon. In Stiga Supreme and Stiga Evolution, the handle is really comfortable.

Their handle is hallowed out and uses a technology called Shock Dispersion Tube, thus enabling the handle to be ultra-light and absorbs the vibrations and dissipates the shockwaves which in turn gives better control and dexterity.

Whereas the handle of Stiga Pro carbon is a heavy one because it uses a pen-hold handle which in turn helps the player create loops and spins.

The handle in Stiga Pro carbon is also concave which mean that it absorbs the vibrations and energy and also gives a better grip on the paddle.


Stiga Evolution:
The Stiga Evolution is best credible for its speed, which is 96 while the control and spin attribute to 90 and 94 respectively. It is the rubber on the paddle and the hollow tube that gives this great speed to Stiga Evolution.

Stiga Pro Carbon:
The Stiga Pro Carbon has a speed of 99, spin is 100 and control is at 80. The spin factor clearly proves that spin is a huge factor for this Stiga racket.

The rubber in the paddle and heavy handle not only helps in the easy tracking of the ball but also the thick rubber absorbs the energy, hence creating an easy spin.

Stiga Supreme:
The Stiga Supreme has a speed of 6, spin of 5 and a control of 9, each a score out of 10. The numbers prove that the Stiga Supreme is not a racket if you are looking for great speed of spin, but it is the one for you if you are seeking for great control.

Hence the Stiga Supreme becomes a great option for novice players and not for intermediate and expert players.

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The Playtest

Stiga Supreme
The Stiga Supreme gives a nice crisp feeling when in contact with the ball if you play it with a forehand spin. Its light-weight and great control make it a great option to be played closer to the table. It creates a lot of speed as well and it also has a sweet spot to hit the ball.

Even when played away from the table, the Stiga Supreme still creates a low arc with great spin especially if you are playing loop. Also, since the Stiga Supreme is made by using the WRB technology, it gives great weight balance and good contact with the rubber and the ball to the player.

The light-weight also attributes to the increased recovery rate each time a stroke is carried out. The Stiga Supreme has a paddle that especially focuses on defensive player and not if you are an offensive.

Stiga Supreme Pros & Cons


  • The bat is ideal for beginners.
  • The bat’s design allows for perfect shot placement, thus helping in beginners developing solid fundamentals.
  • Due to lightweight design, one can practice for a while and not get tired.


  • The bat is equipped with just the basics, and so is not optimized for professional games.
  • The bat is designed to generate only spin, thus making the player push him or herself to generate power or speed.

Stiga Evolution
Stiga Evolution offers great control because of the design of its handle. Unlike other typical table tennis paddles, the Evolution features a flared design to reduce slippage.

Also, to increase the sensitivity to strikes, the bottom center of the handle is bored out. So when we hold the paddle, you can feel where on the blade the ball makes contact with every strike.

The lighter blade also means more time to recover between strikes-a perfect aiding feature when it comes to the defensive player.

The Stiga Evolution also features Shock Dispersion Technology that helps in dissipating the vibrations and energy.

Stiga Evolution Pros & Cons


  • The hollow tube allows for more speed, thus enabling the player to tackle with ease.
  • Its flared design does not allow the bat to slip easily.
  • Its light pad allows the player to spin the ball, thus giving the player an extra hand in the game.
  • The Shock Dispersion Technology which is unique to the Stiga Evolution allows the force to be evenly distributed.


  • There sometimes is an inability to maintain control due to the hollow grip.
  • For players who play from away the temple might find the bat a bit light to use.
  • Players that are used to the conventional handle might take a while to get used to the flared design.


The price point of the Stiga Supreme and the Stiga Evolution is not too far-fetched and falls into the budget category.

Our Preference

Both the Stiga Evolution and Stiga Supreme are quite similar yet different in many ways. Both these rackets are approved for professional competitions and play.

If Power is what you are looking for, then The Stiga Evolution is our recommendation but if you are a newbie at the ping pong game and wants to progress, then Stiga Supreme is your choice since it provides great control.

Stiga Evolution is for the ones who start the game on an aggressive note and then progresses in the game with speed and agility. The bat is made for that. Whereas, Stiga Supreme is for the defensive player and is a great option for pushing, service return and backspin.

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