Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Review


Popular table tennis brand Stiga is known for its high quality and professional bats which are worth their price. The STIGA Pro Carbon is one of the many ranges of bats that the company offers. ITTF approved, these bats are perfect for beginners and learners which can also be used in competitions.

Stiga Pro Carbon

The Stiga Pro Carbon is built for speed and power. The bat features two layers of high-performance carbon which are integrated into the blade. This, in turn, helps in WRB weight balance. Also because of the two layers of carbon, the balance of the blade is shifted to the point of contact with the ball.

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But let not make this think that the bat is heavy. Though a total of seven different layers of carbon are used in the padding, the lightweight design of the pad lets players play longer without causing any strain in their arm or any discomfort.

Also added to the bat is a Nano Composite Technology that creates a strong, tighter bond in the rubber that in turn increases both speed and spin. The rate of recovery also is helped by the Nano Composite Technology that helps in decreasing the blade weight and thus improves the rate of recovery after each stroke.


The STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket has one of the more heavier handles and has a better grip that helps in hitting the ball to create loops and spins. The handle also sits in the palm comfortably and this is beneficial when hours of practice is spent in mastering the game. The grip on the handle is a shaking hand and so it’s far more comfortable than most bats available out there.

There is also a small dip in the handle, and so one can feel the placement and power of the shot. This feature is especially good for intermediate players as they then know the power of each shot and also help in identifying both their weaknesses and strengths in hitting the shots.

Unlike various other cheap, basic, hobby rackets, the Pro Carbon has some nice weight in the handle. But once one realizes the slams that this racket can pull of, the heavier handle won’t seem much of a deal.

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When one plays professional table tennis, sensitivity is vital. One needs to know if a particular shot needs to be faced softly or with a hard hit. The Stiga Pro Carbon has a recess that is strategically positioned in the handle that provides an extra sensitivity of touch that helps you to focus on your game.


Also to help you up your game is the Balsa wood the bat is made up of that helps in increasing the speed and reaction time. Made from ultra-lightweight wood, this is one of the best rackets for long-term play as well.

While many would prefer a bat while they begin their game, becoming accustomed to a particular bat helps in the long run. The lightweight wood also makes the bat perfect for offensive players. For looping or smashing, the bat is perfect since it has a wider sweet spot.

The bat is made of the finest materials possible and has some of the best tools that help one to top their game. Especially noted for its carbon, the bat helps in generating more spin and power on ones returns too.

STIGA’s crystal technology hardens the surface of the blade and thus gives back a powerful return, thus increasing the speed. The paddle is also quite responsive and helps in building a skill level and perfecting one’s technique perfectly.


The tube of the racket is a Shock Dispersion Tube that can absorb vibrations and transfers energy out of the handle. This does not allow the vibration to affect the return shot. The tube is also lightweight and complements the weight of the handle harmoniously.

Also to be noted is the unique ITTF approved rubber that can be replaced once it wears down. The paddle also features a thin sponge layer that helps not only on cushioning the hit but also helping to hit the ball harder which gives more spin and also more speed.

The 2mm rubber is quite thick and so it feels quite cushioned and springy, thus helping put that extra power on shots. The rubber also feels quite sticky, and with the proper care, the stickiness and freshness of the rubber can be maintained for months.

The STIGA Pro Carbon has a control rating of 80, and so the racket gives a great control on determining how to hit the ball and to see where the ball goes. The performance rating for speed is 99 and the rating for the spin is 100. This thus ensures that the bat with these various enhancements helps in ensuring the right amount of spin and speed to serve the ball.

Though the STIGA Pro Carbon works with both loops, smash and soft shots, it tends to work better with loops due to its wider soft spot. The bat, as mentioned earlier, has a heavier handle and so one might need some time to get used to the extra weight. But once the weight becomes not much of an issue, many have chosen the STIGA Pro Carbon as their usual paddle.

Bottom line

At the moment the STIGA Pro Carbon is available on Amazon and you can see that here. And for that price point finding a racket that can give you amazing speed, spin and control are rare. It also meets all the specifications and regulations for rackets and is used during professional matches and any type of competitive play.

Though the STIGA Pro Carbon racket is meant for new players, the bat is chosen by many professional players out there for its paddle and heavy handle. And from a company like STIGA expecting a racket this good shouldn’t come to a surprise.


Stiga Pro Carbon
  • Stiga Pro Carbon Racket


Stiga Pro Carbon is a pretty good option if you’re looking forward to starting your game. It’s very much comfortable for newbies and professionals as well, though professionals have their own material options, if you’re handy with a carbon paddle then go ahead and purchase the product.

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