Stiga Pro Carbon vs Evolution – Comparing Rackets


The STIGA Pro Carbon and the STIGA Evolution are both amazing rackets from STIGA. Both the rackets have their own specialties, and they also help players work on a few particular strengths.

Both the STIGA Pro Carbon and the STIGA Evolution are certified by the ITTF, and so they can be played in professional competitions as well. Now that they are both from the biggest producer of table tennis, one might think which is the best pick for them. Well, here is all that you need to know about the STIGA Pro Carbon vs Evolution.

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Playing Style

The STIGA Pro Carbon and Evolution are made in such a way that they can be used for any type of playing style. Notwithstanding that, they are also formed in such a way that it can boost or improve a player’s particular style.

Many players tend to feel more comfortable when they are counter-attacking or when they are on the defensive front. Players like those can opt for the STIGA Evolution racket. The STIGA Evolution. The STIGA Evolution paddles are shock resistant, and so they are much easier to smash shots through than the STIGA Pro Carbon.

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When on defense, precision is key. The Crystal Technology that is featured in the Evolution helps in just that. This technology helps in ensuring that the game is under control and that every shot is with maximum intensity.

The STIGA Pro Carbon is for those who would like to play the game. Instead of being in defense, many players prefer to follow an attacking approach while playing. When on defense, one might tire quickly and might grasp for strength at the end of the game.

And so to maintain consistency, the STIGA Pro Carbon uses a more cushioned paddle that helps players in hitting hard shots easier. The rubberized pad also recovers instantly after every shot and so this bat is for all the hard hitters out there. The Pro Carbon’s weight balancing feature puts the entire force of the shot to a single point.

But is this all that is about the STIGA Pro Carbon vs Evolution? Well, read our detailed analysis of the two rackets.


The Evolution paddles are equipped with a nano-composite technology that is shock resistant. This makes the paddle sensitive to touch and so every stroke and every move can be felt to the fullest. The blade is made out of 6 piles of light wood, and a 2mm sponge sits on top of them. The nano-composite technology uses countless microscopic air bubbles that are bind together to enable good speed and decent spin. Excellent control is also achieved with this bat due to this technology.

The Pro Carbon, on the other hand, are composed of ACS technology. This, in turn, allows for better stroke play. The Pro Carbon is also good for spin play. The blade is made from lightweight wood and so is beneficial for long-term play. There are two layers of carbon under the rubber, and so it helps in improving rigidity and response.

It is also practical since the rubber can be easily removed and replaced once worn out. The heavy handle and the lightweight paddle is the perfect combination for attacking, and also allows one to play longer while experiencing less discomfort.



The STIGA Evolution features a  common flared handle. But do not let this outward simplicity fool you. The handle uses a technology called Shock Dispersion Tube. It basically means that the handle is hollowed out.

This, in turn, makes the handle ultralight, which in turn allows players to absorb the various vibrations and to dissipate the shockwaves that are created by hitting the ball. This, in turn, allows for improved control and feel during the game. The hollow handle also allows for longer play time without any pain or fatigue.

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The handle in the STIGA Pro Carbon is the exact opposite to the Evolution. If the Evolution is about a lightweight handle, then the Pro Carbon is about a heavy one. The STIGA Pro Carbon features a pen-hold handle, and the reason for its heavy handle is to help in creating loops and spins.

The handle is also concave, and hence absorbs vibrations and transfers energy out of the handle. The heavy handle helps in maintaining a better grip on the paddle too.

Rubber Textures

Both the STIGA Pro Carbon and the STIGA Evolution feature ITTF approved rubbers, and the composition of the rubbers in both the paddles are quite different to each other. As already mentioned, both the texture and the composition of the rubbers help in boosting a few particular playing skills.

The rubber used in the STIGA Evolution is composed of a crystal technology that helps in intense and aggressive play. Being that the rubber is thin and sleek, the force is accelerated by the design and hard-hit shots are just a breeze.

Since the surface of the blade is hardened, force is accelerated with every shot. Also because of the tighter bonds in the rubber, speed and spin are increased too.

On the other hand, the rubber used in the Pro Carbon paddles are composed of a carbon technology that help players to display rigidity. Unlike the Evolution, the rubber on the Pro Carbon paddle is tightly bonded for a precise spin and also better speed.



The biggest tally on the specs chart for the Evolution is speed, which is 96, while spin and control are 94 and 90 respectively. The reason for the high number in speed is because of the hollow tube and also the rubber on the paddle.

While the hollow tube allows the player to feel the bat like the back of his hand, the rubber on the paddle allows the ball to bounce back quickly without sucking much of its power.

When coming to the Pro Carbon, speed is 99, spin is 100 while control is 80. As it can be clearly seen, spin is a huge factor for the Pro Carbon. The heavy handle and the rubber present in the paddle help in not only tackling the ball easily, but since the rubber is thick on the Pro Carbon, the energy is absorbed, and hence a spin can be created far easily.

The wood used in the making of the paddle is ultra-light Balsa wood, which helps in increasing speed and reaction time.



The price point of the Pro Carbon and the Evolution is not too far-fetched and falls into the budget category.

The STIGA Evolution is available on Amazon while the STIGA Pro Carbon is also listed on Amazon. For the features and specifications that the rackets have, the STIGA Pro Carbon and the STIGA Evolution come at good rates. And to find top quality rackets like these from a top manufacturer from STIGA is a great steal.


Two bats for two completely different styles. Both of these rackets are approved for professional competitions and play. When playing professionally, one plays to win. For that power, spin, speed, and control are all necessary. And both the STIGA Pro Carbon and the STIGA Evolution offer these. Though they are similar in a few aspects, they are also very different from each other.

The STIGA Evolution is for ones who start the game with aggressiveness and then lead the game with speed and agility. Every single aspect of the bat is made to help in the process. The easy form factor of the bat and the weight of the handle and the paddle makes the Evolution one lightweight racket to use and play with.

The STIGA Pro Carbon, on the other hand, is for those who would like to take it slow but also have a few tricks up their sleeve. For spin and speed, the STIGA Pro Carbon is the one. The STIGA Pro Carbon with its unique heavy handle might be a bit difficult at first to master. But once one knows their way around the bat, the Pro Carbon can be very forgiving.

Bottom line

The STIGA Pro Carbon vs Evolution comparison cannot be ended with a single good or bad answer. Both the bats are unique in their own way. There are not many cons in both the paddles, and they are perfect for professional play. The bats also take care to not cause fatigue or pain when practice stretches to hours. Both the rackets are top-notch when it comes to preference, comfort and also handling.






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